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Locksmith Hoofddorp

Locksmith Hoofddorp is a true lock specialist. Our qualified locksmiths know everything about locks, keys and burglar prevention. If you want to replace your locks and you’re living in Hoofddorp, feel free to call the locksmith in Hoofddorp. We always have plenty of locks in stock so we can provide you with these locks as quickly as possible. All our locks are provided with the “SKG” mark. This means that the locks truly provide burglar prevention to your home. In emergencies you can always call our emergency services. We are reachable all day and all night. Even when you are locked outside, lost your keys or when the key has broken off inside the lock, you can always make use of our services. The locking experts of locksmith Hoofddorp are always there for you!
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Emergency Service

The emergency service of locksmith Hoofddorp is available day in, day out. You can always make a call, even at night and in the weekends. We are there for you in every emergency situation.


Opening Locks

A lock that won’t open is very annoying. Our locksmiths can open every single lock. Call our emergency service if your door lock won’t open anymore.


Replacing Locks

You can appeal to our experienced locksmiths for replacing your locks. Even when your lock is broken because the key has broken off inside it, you can count on us.


Burglar Prevention

Do you want to secure your home against burglars? Make sure you have decent locks then. All of the locks that locksmith Hoofddorp has, has the “SKG”-mark. This way, you keep the burglars outside.


Core Pull Protection

Don’t you have cylinder locks with core-pull-protection yet? Let your current locks be replaced for new and safer locks. Our specialists are ready to help you out.


Multi-point Lock System

Do you want a lock with a multi-point locking system to be installed? That task needs actual lock specialists. Request an offer with one of our professionals.


Patrick is a lockspecialist of the locksmith in Hoofddorp. You’ve probably seen him working around the neighbourhood. Patrick knows everything about burglar prevention and can give you good advice about what locks fit your home the best.

Lock Expert


You can often find our lock expert Jeremy in our workspace. He repairs locks that need fixing, but he also makes sure the supplies are ready for emergencies. Jeremy is also a true master in opening locks, there is no lock that he can’t open.

Lock Specialist


Vincent is an expert in cylinder locks. He knows exactly how he needs to drill out the cylinder so you won’t need to replace the entire lock. Even locks with a multi-point locking system are easy to install for Vincent. Do you want to replace your locks, feel free to contact Vincent.


Emergency Service in Hoofddorp

Locksmith Hoofddorp also had an emergency service in Hoofddorp. The emergency service is 24/7 available. That means that we’ll always be able to help when you’ve locked yourself out, for example. Even in the middle of the night, weekends and holidays we are here for you! You can also call our emergency services when you’re in another urgent situation. For example, when you’ve lost or forgotten your keys or when your lock won’t open or close anymore. Call us and we’ll be there within 30 minutes. Our specialists always have the right tools to help you right away. When needed, the locksmiths can directly replace your lock or help you out when your key has broken off inside the lock. This is a very unfortunate situation but not an unknown situation for our professionals. Therefore, call our emergency services in all your urgent situations.
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24-hour service

Call our 24-hour service. We will be there with you in 30 minutes and our locksmiths are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

15 - 22 minutes

No matter what time of day you’re calling, it takes approximately 15 to 22 minutes for an expert to arrive and help you out.

1470 happy customers

We always strive for a happy customer. And we’ve made plenty of customers happy this year.

Replacing Locks

Are you looking for a locksmith in Hoofddorp that can replace the locks of your house, don’t look any further! Locksmith Hoofddorp has real professionals in service to replace locks daily. This is simply routine for them. It’s important to regularly check your locks for abrasion and any defects. Old locks often don’t have a safety mark and are easy to open for burglars. Replace your old locks for new ones that do have the “SKG” mark, this makes it very hard for burglars to break them open. Also when you lost your keys you can decide to replace your locks. We can do this for you, we will also provide you with two new keys that fit your lock. And when you need more keys than that, our specialist is able to quickly make them for you. Now you’ll always have a spare key. Feel free to contact the locksmith Hoofddorp for more information.
Slotenmaker Hoofddorp
Slotenmaker Hoofddorp

Emegency Locksmith Hoofddorp

Sometimes it happens that you urgently need a locksmith in Hoofddorp. For example when you key has broken off inside the lock. In cases like that, our emergency service is available day and night. Our expert will arrive within 20 minutes time. He can obviously pull out the piece of the key that was stuck inside the lock. Is the lock still functioning well? Then, the locksmith will make a new key directly. Is the lock broken? In that case he can replace your lock for a new one. Even when you’ve lost your keys you can make use of the emergency service. Locksmith Hoofddorp helps you 24 hours a day. We can open any lock so that you can enter your home safely. Only the best lock specialists work for our emergency services. They can solve any kind of problem. Are you urgently looking for a locksmith in Hoofddorp? Call the Locksmith Hoofddorp, we are your most reliable locksmith.

Frequently asked questions Locksmith Hoofddorp

We have a massive stockpile in our workspace. We can often provide your locks directly from stock. If we don’t have the lock you want in stock, we can order it for you right away. It’ll most likely arrive within 3 to 5 workdays and we can directly install it for you.
If you have an actual good lock on your front door, one is probably enough the keep criminals outside. A good lock has the “SKG” mark on it. If your lock does not have this mark, we advise you to let us replace your lock.
We are always interested in good, skillful employees. You can find our current vacancies on our website. Is our function not on there? Feel free to send us an open application. We always have space for an incredible lock specialist in Hoofddorp.
We can also provide you with electronic locks. You won’t need a key for these kinds of locks. You can open these locks with a tag or a card. We aren’t able to deliver the electronic locks from stock. If you have interest in an electronic lock, contact us through the contact page.
Our lock specialists can also replace just the cylinder in a cylinderlock. The specialist will first drill the cylinder out of the lock and replace the old cylinder for a new cylinder. The greatest advantage is that you can keep using the same key.

Brian from Hoofddorp

I was looking for a locksmith in Hoofddorp that could install a lock with a multi-point locking system in my front door. After searching for a long time I ended up at Locksmith Hoofddorp. They were able to place it two days later. Good service and the locksmith placed it very skillful.

Leo from Hoofddorp

I said the visitors goodbye in the evening when suddenly the door closed behind me. I obviously didn’t have my keys on me. I called the emergency service of the locksmith in Hoofddorp. They came to me directly. The man was nice and he opened my door really fast. I was really greatful that he could come so late in the evening.

Niko from Hoofddorp

My sister had her lock replaced by Locksmith Hoofddorp. She was very positive about the locksmith and his expertise. I needed a new lock in my back door, so `I asked locksmith Hoofddorp if they could. They ordered the lock and placed it a week later in my back door. Nice lock, good service.


Working field Locksmith Hoofddorp

Locksmith Hoofddorp mostly work in Hoofddorp itself. Do you live in Hoofddorp and are you looking for a reliable locksmith? You don’t have to look any further! We have actual lock specialists employed. Our experts regularly follow a course or training so that they know how exactly each lock works. You can call us if you want the locks on your house replaced. But also when you’ve locked yourself outside, we will happily help you out. Our specialists will be able to open any lock, even if the key has broken off inside of the lock. We always have a suiting solution.